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Finally. an ashtray for REAL cigar smokers!

What's wrong with cigar ashtrays? Ask Stinky and he'll tell you they don't work very well. Real cigar smokers agree the bowls on most traditional ashtray designs are too small and/or too shallow. The enjoyment of fine cigars is often done in the company of others. Like many cigar enthusiasts around the world, Stinky meets with other cigar enthusiasts every week and finds that cigar smoking creates a substantial amount of debris. a mountain of ash, cigar butts, matches, even an occasional cigar band.

Most people don't want to litter the table, so often times, they toss the cigar cellophane and cedar packaging sleeves into the ashtray. With Stinky's big bowl design you can smoke all evening without stopping to go empty the ashtray. Traditional ashtray designs fail because the lit cigar resting on the stirrup may contact the debris in the ashtray and ruin the burn. Stinky's Cigar Ashtray employs a deep bowl to accommodate an evenings worth of ash, butts and debris without obstructing a lit cigar momentarily placed on the stirrup, and what about them cigar stirrups?

Did Stinky just make them for show?

Well, of course not!  The cigar stirrup must be the right length, width and curve to work properly! Many traditional ashtray designs fail here too. If the notch intended to hold the cigar is too short, it becomes very difficult to find the center of gravity and balance the cigar. The cigar tips into, or worse yet, out of the ashtray and roll off the table! It is undesirable for a cigar to contact any debris inside the ashtray.

"Nobody wants his or her fine cigar to contact (and melt) cellophane or even touch someone's old butt. Any cigar enthusiast knows how important the burn ring is. A true cigar enthusiast does not want to knock off the ash inadvertently by tipping the cigar into an empty ashtray, not to mention resting a cigar on the lit foot."


Many ashtray designs have an extra long groove. While this may look nice and invites the display of big, long cigars, the idea is flawed! The idea of a cigar stirrup (or cigar holder, rest, notch, trough, channel, groove) is to be able to set your cigar down for a few moments then continue smoking. Knowing how critical the burn ring is, you certainly do not want to place a lit cigar on a groove leaving the burn ring in contact with the ashtray surface to obstruct the airflow. The tobacco could tar up and ruin the taste! Furthermore, when using ashtrays designed with an extra long groove, you must place the burn ring and ash over the bowl leaving the head (or mouth piece) of the cigar in contact with the surface of the groove! Nobody wants to put a cigar back into his or her mouth after it has been in contact with the community ashtray!!! On Stinky's Cigar Ashtray, each cigar stirrup is less than 2 inches long and only 1 inch wide with a bend radius to accommodate cigars well over one inch in diameter (or up to an 80 ring gauge). The length is necessary to enable the average eye hand coordination and ability to set any size cigar down and hit the center of gravity within this 2-inch envelope. Anybody can do that (unless they are too drunk)! The cigar can be smoked down to less than 3 inches and still meet the logical placement on this cigar stirrup design. The large radius curve accommodates all ring sizes from 3/16 cigarettes up to the largest cigars that measure over one-inch (note; one inch diameter is a 64 ring). The oval shaped cigar stirrup is less than one quarter of an inch deep which allows the smoker to pick up their cigar without digging it out of a deep groove that covers the sides of the smaller ring gauge cigars. After an enjoyable cigar get-together.


The Stinky Original Ashtray Features:Solid stainless steel - Polished Finish

  • 8-inch diameter
  • 3" Deep bowl
  • 4 Stirrups
  • Windproof Up to 30mph
  • Floats in pool/spa
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty